The Wake-Up Call Project

This appointment calendar is a place you can sign up to participate in my San Francisco Arts Commission-funded fantasy, The Wake-Up Call Project (see full proposal). I am asking for a pool of volunteers to each call me just once, at 8 o'clock in the morning, and talk to me until I am out of bed, putting the kettle on, and turning on the computer to start my writing day. These calls may be recorded, and turned into a sound piece to be played at the project's culminating event.

As part of the Wake-Up Call, you are encouraged—though not required—to deliver the following affirmation:

"Sarah, I love you and I think you're a terrific writer."

In gratitude, I will be dedicating each daily blog post to the hero that got me out of bed that morning. By signing up to call me, you are consenting to having your voice recorded and used in a public sound piece.

= available for wake up call

= already booked or off that day


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